This is a copy of the survey we used.

Collection Development and Public Library Liaison Responsibilities
1. Survey
The Liaison with Users Committee of CODES recognizes that there have been many changes in collection development and in liaison responsibilities. This survey is to determine what responsibilities liaisons currently have, what percentage of their time is spent doing liaison work, and if there is a need for additional professional development opportunities related to this work.

The survey will be used to determine the need for revision of the guidelines listed below, as well as programming for the committee. The results will be made available to assist others who are interested in knowing the state of liaison work nationwide. The survey consists of 8 questions and responses will remain anonymous. The survey does ask for some library demographic information, but does not ask for specific identifying information about your or your library.

According to the Guidelines for Liaison Work in Managing Collections and Services, Liaison Work:
1. is the process by which librarians involve the library's clientele in the assessment and satisfaction of collection needs.
2. includes identifying user needs, evaluating existing collections, removing extraneous materials, and locating resources that will enhance the collections.
3. enables the library to communicate its collection policies, services and needs to its clientele and to enhance the library's public relations.
4. enables the library's clientele to communicate its library needs and preferences to the library staff and governing body.

If you have questions, concerns, or comments about this survey, please contact the chair of the Liaison with Users Committee:
Elisabeth Leonard,

1. What is your primary area of work?

2. What is the primary department that you work in?

3. Which of these are part of your liaison responsibilities?

4. What percentage of your time involves liaison work?

5. If you are a subject area specialist, in which areas do you liaise? Check as many as applied.

6. Your library's administration values your liaison/outreach work.

7. Your user groups value your liaison work.

8. What is the population of your library's legal service area?*

*The definition for population size is taken from the National Center for Education Statistics.

9. What type of library do you work in?**

**The definition for types of libraries is taken from the National Center for Education Statistics.

10. Would you like to see ALA offer more professional development opportunities relating to your liaison duties?

11. If yes, what professional development programming related to collection development liaison work would you like to see offered?

12. Is there anything else the committee should know?