While I was co-chair of the CODES Liaison with Users Committee, I had the pleasure of working with other committee members to determine what exactly was going on in the nation with liaison work.  We, as a committee, couldn't reach agreement about what, if any, responsibilities were core to all liaisons.  So, in true librarian fashion, we decided to conduct 2 surveys; one for public librarians and the other for academic libraries.  We sent the link to the survey to the following listservs in the Fall of 2006:

Acqnet-l, APALA, Buslib-l, Cheminfo, collib-l, colldv-l, Fiction-L, Genealib, Gis-l, GovDoc-L, ili-l, Les-l, LIBREF-L, Lita-l, Lpss-l, Maps-l, Marylib, NCLA, Newlib-l , Nelig-l, Publib, Pubyac, Salalm, SLA CNC, SLAPAM, sts-l, Uls, Web4lib, and Wess.

While we haven't put the finishing touches on our article, we presented the results of both the public and academic librarian surveys at ALA Annual 2008 in Anaheim.  For now, this space is to present that information until we are able to put it onto the ALA CODES Liaison with Users space. 

Peter's presentation: Part I (introduction to the program) and the conclusion to the program, Part II.

My slideshow on the academic library results is below or you can take a look at the pdf.

Donna's presentation: public library results

Ridie Ghezzi's presentation (about the Dartmouth liaison program) is forthcoming.